First trip to SouthEast Asia: Singapore and Tioman Island, Malaysia. DAY 3


DAY 3, Saturday 30th:

Let’s say day 3 was not the typical day for a tourist. But it was a fun day, different, but so much fun.

My friends and I woke up a bit hung-over and decided to go straight to the gym to do a proper detox. Their personal trainer did not really care that we had spent the previous night clubbing… and he made sure we remembered him the following days…

After gym we definitely deserved some good food and went to the food court at ION for a noddle&dumplings soup. Delicious! By the way, the food court at ION is amazing, I spent more than 20 minutes walking around the food stalls trying to decide what to eat.

And after lunch? Well, we continued with a proper detox routine…by heading to the pool. Oh, I love Singapore 🙂

As the evening got closer, we felt more recovered and started planning the night. It’s Saturday, so dinner and drinks are on the menu!

This time, we chose an amazing Korean bbq restaurant in Chinatown, and after a looong and delicious dinner we ended the night having some drinks at La Terraza Rooftop Bar in Club Street.

Once again, what an awesome day!


First trip to SouthEast Asia: Singapore and Tioman Island, Malaysia. DAY 2

DAY 2, Friday 29th: As the previous day I didn’t stop walking, I thought I might give my feet some rest on the second morning in Singapore. So I took the MRT to Clarke Quay and took a river cruise to enjoy the city from a comfortable seat. The wooden boat took us along the river from Robertson Quay to Marina Bay, and I enjoyed some beautiful view of both banks of the Singapore River. Marina Bay Sands Hotel from the jetty After the cruise under the sun I walked around the colonial area of the city and visited the amazing Raffles Hotel, home of the famous cocktail “Singapore Sling”. Raffles Hotel This time, I decided to have lunch at a mall and had a delicious pad thai with a lime tea for 13$ (not bad!). Pad thai After lunch it was time to visit one of the most famous attractions in the city: Gardens by the Bay, and I can firmly admit that it was one of the best afternoons I spent during my entire holiday. The orchid garden was absolutely breathtaking and the silent around the different gardens just felt so relaxing that I was amazed to be able to feel so calm and peaceful in a busy city like Singapore. Orchid Garden Gardens by the bay Around 6pm I decided to go back home for a swim. I then met my friends for dinner (delicious Ramen!) and we ended the night having some drinks and clubbing at KIO. Second day in Singapore done! once again…loving this city 🙂