I wish I could travel more often.

But most of the places I want to visit are just too far away…

If only I was given more vacation days at work…

So, I do what I can. And this year, I am finally accomplishing one of my dreamed travel plans.

I am finally travelling to Asia!

First stop: Singapore

I will be visiting a good friend and enjoying this city full of life and contrast for more than a week.

Second stop: Malaysia!

Malaysia is a country I want to discover. I want to live it, experience it. And I need more than a week for that.

And that’s why that is a trip I’m postponing for another year. But for this summer and after busy Singapore, I deserve some relaxing days at Pulau Tioman, a paradise island on the Malaysian east coast. Just to get a hint of this amazing country.

Only two months to go!


Home Sweet Home

Today, I want to share some cute photos I took at home.

They say that home is where your heart is, well, after having lived in 9 different houses throughout my life, I finally live on my own…

…in beautiful Hendaye, and I have turned this little rented apartment in my home sweet home.

Kitchen corner


Garden deco


Cute spot


Birds in my garden bench


New flower in my kalanchoe!


Pack your bag

They say travelling is good for the mind.

But I’d say it’s good for the body too. It’s good for the soul.

Travelling lifts you up. It gives you a new perspective. It connects you with your own self.

I like travelling. Even if it’s to a new town just a couple hours car ride away. It’s still a new place. Unknown. Undiscovered.

So pack your bag whenever you have the chance. Just book that ticket and leave. Even if it’s just for a couple of days.

Clear your mind. Breathe.