Next stop: Tenerife

While Pulau Tioman is my favorite island in the world, Tenerife is definitely my second favorite. Not only because every time I go there I visit my brother, his girlfriend and his gorgeous dog, but because this paradise island has a unique atmosphere, a special character… the sea, the landscape, the sun… it always smells like summer.




Pacific Coast Highway – what to visit along the coast

  • Relax by the pier at the charming town of Avila Beach
  • Stop at Point Piedras Blancas and watch the sea lions by the seashore.

Sea lions at Point Piedras Blancas

  • At this point most travelguides recommend Hearts Castle, but I did not visit it. Honestly, I have already visited many castles in Europe and also in my hometown country, Spain, and with much more history. That’s why Hearst Castle did not appeal to me at all.
  • Get that postcard perfect shot at McWay Falls

McWay Falls

  • Have lunch at Nepenthe Restaurant and enjoy the staggering view. You’ll be lucky if a bird does not steal one of your fries!


  • Wander around Pfeiffer beach (be careful not to enter the last parking…it’s 10$…).

Pfeiffer beach

  • Cross the famous Bixby Bridge.

Bixby Bridge

  • Check out the little shops and cafes in Carmel-by-the-Sea


  • Drive the 17-mile drive

17 mile drive

  • Stop in Santa Cruz and have some seafood.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

10 things to do in beautiful Santa Barbara

1. Rent a bike and ride along Cabrillo Boulevard and the pier (Stearns Wharf)

Stearns Wharf
2. Enjoy a delicious ice cream at McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

3. Go shopping in State street

4. Have dinner at Sandbar, and why not, enjoy a frozen margarita

Mango Frozen Margarita
5. Go cultural: visit Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church and the Old Mission

Our Lady of Sorrows
6. Have a beer with locals at The Neighborhood Bar

7. Relax at the beach and enjoy the beautiful surroundings

Santa Barbara - view from the beach
8. Have lunch in one of the many bar terraces in State street

9. Walk up to Shoreline drive and check out the surfers at Leadbetter Beach from Santa Barbara Point

Leadbetter beach
10. And why not, try surfing!

This. Is. LA. What to do during 2 days in sunny LA

  • Take a sightseeing bus to see the main attractions of the city in just a couple of hours: red route is the best, avoid purple route! (too loooong)


  • Go see the beautiful houses in Beverly Hills and run a 5k, all at the same time 🙂

Beverly Hills

  • Taste a bit of everything: first night: The Cheesecake factory (20$ per person); second night: Nobu (60$ per person, delicious).

Dinner at Nobu

  • Go (window)shopping in Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

  • Be amazed at the street “shows” in Venice Beach.

Venice Beach

  • Discover why Venice is called Venice

Historic Canal District

First trip to SouthEast Asia: Singapore and Tioman Island, Malaysia. DAY 7

DAY 7, Wednesday 3rd:

Another beautiful morning in Tioman.


A delicious breakfast and… it was snorkel time! I shared a boat with an Australian couple to Pulau Tulai, also known as Coral Island. And after a 30 minutes boat trip, the scenery in front of us was just… breathtaking. A deserted island with crystal clear water and white sand.

Pulau Tulai

Coral Island

But the most spectacular of all was underwater. It’s a pity that I didn’t have an under-water camera to capture all that beauty… the name of the island says it all. Coral Island.

We did some snorkeling in different spots, White Sand Beach being one of the most beautiful of all. And in the meantime, the sky got darker and darker…

White beach

White beach

White Beach

We saw lightning somewhere between us and Tioman…and we all started getting a little nervous… But hey, we had a professional boat captain with us 😉  and he knew better than anyone else if we were safe or not. So yes, after doing all of the scheduled snorkel stops, we went back to the boat and headed to Tioman, under the rain and against strong wind.

Dar sky...

boat captain ;)

As we got closer to Tioman, the rain stopped and the wind got milder. However, we were freezing after the 30 minutes boat trip and we were impatient to have a swim and get warm at Tioman. And that’s exactly what we did. We stopped at Renggis Island and did more snorkeling around this tiny island.

Renggis Island

Renggis island

Oh, the water was soooo warm and it felt so good! but that was not the best thing, because the highlight of the morning came at that precise spot, when… a shark swam just by my side, and I freaked out! That was amazing! all the cold was definitely worth it.

The snorkeling trip was over now and it was time to relax back in Tioman.

It was a cloudy afternoon though, so I went to Cabana to chill out and watch a movie.





That. Was. Just. Pure. Happiness.

The clouds started to get away at late afternoon and we went for a swim and a bit more snorkeling. You can never get tired of seeing so many beautiful coral and fish.

After sunset, I went for dinner with two new friends to the Chinese bbq outside the Berjaya Resort and then went back to Cabana for coctails. After all, this was my last night at the island…

I remember an instant when I was at the hammock having a beer, totally relaxed, and one of the Italians guys said to me: “Do you have a camera? I want to take a picture of you because you are the exact definition of happiness, I mean look at your face!”

And yes, I had a camera. And yes, I was happy. Here’s the proof:

Cabana night

So, as it was my last night, we all went to ABC, another area of Tioman just up north from Tekek and had an amazing night. Thank you soooo much Tioman and thank you so much guys, this was an adventure I will never forget.

last night

Travel brings power and love back into your life.” – Rumi

Home Sweet Home

Today, I want to share some cute photos I took at home.

They say that home is where your heart is, well, after having lived in 9 different houses throughout my life, I finally live on my own…

…in beautiful Hendaye, and I have turned this little rented apartment in my home sweet home.

Kitchen corner


Garden deco


Cute spot


Birds in my garden bench


New flower in my kalanchoe!


Pack your bag

They say travelling is good for the mind.

But I’d say it’s good for the body too. It’s good for the soul.

Travelling lifts you up. It gives you a new perspective. It connects you with your own self.

I like travelling. Even if it’s to a new town just a couple hours car ride away. It’s still a new place. Unknown. Undiscovered.

So pack your bag whenever you have the chance. Just book that ticket and leave. Even if it’s just for a couple of days.

Clear your mind. Breathe.