First trip to SouthEast Asia: Singapore and Tioman Island, Malaysia. DAY 8

DAY 8, Thursday 4th: bye bye Tioman

Finally, my last day at the island had arrived. After 3 incredible days in Tioman, I had to leave. But I didn’t want to! I needed to stay just one more day…and I tried…but there were no ferry tickets left for the following day. So, sadly, I packed my bags and got ready to leave.


I took my last dip at the crystal clear waters of Tioman and went to say goodbye to my friends from Tioman Cabana. One last coffee and my good friend Amer took me to the ferry dock on his motorbike. I can still feel the sadness that overwhelmed me at that moment right now…I just felt like crying. I didn’t want to leave! But I had no choice. So I tried to capture every image and feeling from this last motor ride…I tried to retain everything in my memory, the sounds, the smells, the smiles…the magic.

But the moment arrived. Passengers had started to embark on the ferry and it was time to say goodbye.

So farewell Tioman, farewell my good friends…and thank you for these amazing days, for the sky full of stars, for the laughs, for the crystalline waters and the peaceful beaches, thank you for the drinks, the conversations, thank you for the bliss that surrounded by body and soul during these days at the most beautiful island I’ve ever been to.

I will be back soon.


“I will not go quietly into that good night, but instead rage against the dying of the light”


First trip to SouthEast Asia: Singapore and Tioman Island, Malaysia. DAY 6

DAY 6, Tuesday 2nd:

My second day in Tioman was even greater than the first one. After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the hotel while staring at the sea, I went to Cabana for a paddle surfing lesson with Usop, my favorite guy from Tioman Cabana 🙂

The beach was empty and we had the vast sea just for ourselves. Paddle surfing was fun, and I was better than what I had thought! We also did some snorkeling when we got a bit far away from the shore. The coral and fish I saw were totally mind blowing. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful under water…

I spent the rest of the morning at the beach, walking, swimming, reading, just relaxing. It felt amazing to be almost on my own in such a beautiful beach.



I spent the afternoon relaxing at Cabana, hanging on a hammock, talking to the locals and loving this island.

At Cabana


See, this is one of the best things about travelling on your own, it is much easier to talk to locals and to people in general. You feel free to spend your day as you wish, and it’s great to meet new people, listen to their stories, and share a bit of each one of us.

Guys at Cabana were awesome, I tried playing volleyball with them too but it was a disaster haha! We saw the sunset from the bar and also got to see what a yellow cucumber is!

Voleyball time

yellow cucumber


After getting a shower at the hotel I went back to Cabana for dinner and met some Italian guys. Midnight came quickly, while the guys played the guitar and we enjoyed some beers talking about our trips.

Again, the day ended magically, walking back to my cabin barefoot along the seashore, under a sky full of stars.

‘We are travelers in search of signification. That is our condition’

Legend goes…

Legend goes that a beautiful dragon princess was once flying from China to Singapore for her wedding. She settled down to rest over the warm water of the South China Sea. The calm sea and warm water gave her pleasure and she decided to stay – thus turned herself into an island, now called Tioman Island. Now, she offers shelter and comfort to passing travelers.

First trip to SouthEast Asia: Singapore and Tioman Island, Malaysia. DAY 5

DAY 5, Monday 1st:

My 5th day in Singapore started very early, at exactly 5am, to be able to pack my bag and be on time at the bus station. Yes, the second part of my trip begins!

My bus to Mersing left at 6am from the Singapore Flyer and after crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border at Johor Bahru, and…after an hour of crazy driving, we stopped at a café at some place in South Malaysia.

Perfect moment to drink a delicious Malaysian chai tea, or “Teh Tarik“.

delicious tea

I was actually the only one having a tea…it might sound surprising but there were about 10-15 men at that café, it was 8am, and they were all eating rice and meat, all accompanied with a sauce that looked pretty spicy… I guess my stomach was not ready for that yet.

So the bus ride continued and we finally arrived in Mersing at midday. After an hour waiting for the ferry… and an hour and a half ferry trip later, I AM FINALLY IN PULAU TIOMAN!!

Tekek beach

Tekek dock

The ferry dropped me at Tekek and a taxi took me to my hotel, Swiss Cottage. Tekek seemed pretty busy, with all the taxis waiting at the dock and all the new tourists arriving, but in less than a kilometer there was my hotel. And there, everything around the cabins was quiet, was peace. Oh my, this is Paradise.


Swiss Cottage

my room

I checked in and went for my first swim at the sea. The beach was gorgeous. I was ON MY OWN. I couldn’t believe it, a heavenly beach all for myself. I couldn’t be happier.


I spent the rest of the afternoon walking along the beach, and exploring Tekek. Discovering 3 enormous trees full of noisy bats on the road to Tekek was pretty amazing.

After the sunset, I felt like it was time to get a drink and talk to someone. So I went to Tioman Cabana, a bar I had been reading about on facebook for the last weeks. I met some really nice friends there, and I shared with them my first night, my first drinks, and my first dinner at the island. You know, there is something extraordinary in drinking Caipirinhas until midnight while talking to strangers, listening to Bob Marley and having the seashore just 10 meters away. It was heaven on earth.


Tioman Cabana

They day ended there, and barefoot, I went back to my chalet, walking by the seashore, under a sky full of stars, and with a big smile on my face. Oh Tioman, I have a good feeling about you.