First trip to SouthEast Asia: Singapore and Tioman Island, Malaysia. DAY 6

DAY 6, Tuesday 2nd:

My second day in Tioman was even greater than the first one. After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the hotel while staring at the sea, I went to Cabana for a paddle surfing lesson with Usop, my favorite guy from Tioman Cabana 🙂

The beach was empty and we had the vast sea just for ourselves. Paddle surfing was fun, and I was better than what I had thought! We also did some snorkeling when we got a bit far away from the shore. The coral and fish I saw were totally mind blowing. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful under water…

I spent the rest of the morning at the beach, walking, swimming, reading, just relaxing. It felt amazing to be almost on my own in such a beautiful beach.



I spent the afternoon relaxing at Cabana, hanging on a hammock, talking to the locals and loving this island.

At Cabana


See, this is one of the best things about travelling on your own, it is much easier to talk to locals and to people in general. You feel free to spend your day as you wish, and it’s great to meet new people, listen to their stories, and share a bit of each one of us.

Guys at Cabana were awesome, I tried playing volleyball with them too but it was a disaster haha! We saw the sunset from the bar and also got to see what a yellow cucumber is!

Voleyball time

yellow cucumber


After getting a shower at the hotel I went back to Cabana for dinner and met some Italian guys. Midnight came quickly, while the guys played the guitar and we enjoyed some beers talking about our trips.

Again, the day ended magically, walking back to my cabin barefoot along the seashore, under a sky full of stars.

‘We are travelers in search of signification. That is our condition’


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