First trip to SouthEast Asia: Singapore and Tioman Island, Malaysia. DAY 4

DAY 4, Sunday 31th:


After a busy Saturday, the weekend ended just the right way. To begin with, is there a better way to start a Sunday than with a brunch at one of the most famous hotels in Singapore???

That’s right, Raffles Sunday brunch…one of the best brunches I’ve had in my entire life.

I must say though that it’s not something to do every weekend, not even every month. It’s damn expensive. But my good friends hosting me in Singapore invited me as a special occasion. It’s definitely something worth trying, at least once in a lifetime. After all, where else can you eat more than 20 oysters, a couple of lobsters, foie gras, Spanish ham, steak, Italian pasta, rice…cakes, cheese, …. I could go on but the list of food is never ending. A 3 hours long brunch drinking champagne, Singapore sling and wine. Tough, very tough 🙂

Singapore Sling

After the feast, there was not much that we could do. Actually, there was: lay down by the pool and just relax.

Oh lazy Sundays…


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